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Can You Sell a House In Foreclosure Alabama?

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Yes, in Alabama you can sell a house in foreclosure. However, you will need to have a signed offer on your house before your foreclosure auction date. To start this process, request a free, no-obligation, cash offer via the form above!

Selling A House In Foreclosure Alabama

If you are facing a foreclosure of your property, it can be an overwhelming and stressful experience, especially if you are also facing financial hardship from a lost job, divorce, medical bills, or even the passing away of a relative. While all of this can seem too overwhelming to coop with, you can actually sell your property in foreclosure before it sells in foreclosure auction.

Selling a house during the foreclosure process is possible, but the lender and the bank should be well informed. In Alabama, the bank is legally not allowed to foreclose a property if you have a legitimate signed offer to sell your house in hand. To sell before the foreclosure auction date the homeowner should prove to the bank that a cash offer exists and arrange to sell as fast as possible.

There are many benefits to selling your property in foreclosure as opposed to letting the bank sell it in foreclosure auction. If you want to learn more about this, check out the below guide!

What is Foreclosure in Alabama?

A house in foreclosure is something that occurs when a property owner is unable to make their mortgage payments timely and the ability to catch up on missed payments is unlikely. Because a mortgage is a legal contract between you and your lender, once you’ve defaulted on the loan, the lender can sell the property in foreclosure auction to cover any outstanding debts.

Nobody wants to receive a notice of their house in foreclosure yet, in a nationwide study, nearly 1 million Americans were afraid of losing their house in foreclosure (U.S. Census Bureau Household Pulse Survey, fielded from February 6 to March 4, 2024). There are many reasons folks may be facing foreclosure:

  • Lost a job and loss of income
  • Divorce or death of a spouse, partner, or family member
  • Mounting debt, including medical bills and credit card payments
  • Moving to a different location without being able to sell your home
  • Natural disaster such as a tornado or flood

All of these reasons can be terrible circumstances to find yourself in and we understand the intensive pain and suffering that can be associated with them. Our aim at North Alabama House Buyer is to be a resource to folks going through these situations. We want you to pull through these situations and not end up in a bad financial situation or end up with a bad financial record that can stick with you for years.

At North Alabama House Buyer we operate our business locally in Alabama. We specialize in buying distressed homes and property in the area for cash. We can help you in your situation even if you have a house in foreclosure. Our home buying company promises a competitive cash offer to our clients without the hassle of dealing with real estate agents, title companies, and traditional bank financing. You can visit our website at for additional information about our company and how we can hopefully be of help to you!

What is the Timeline for a House in Foreclosure Alabama?

Understanding the process and timeline of a house in foreclosure will help you determine the best way sell your house in foreclosure. The foreclosure process can generally be broken down into six steps:

Step 1: A Missed Payment

When a property owner misses a payment, the lender gives a grace period of 15 days. If no payment is made by the homeowner during that grace period then the late fees from the bank start to kick in. Lenders will normally also report the delay in payment to credit bureaus.

When lenders report this information to credit bureaus, the borrower’s credit score will get damaged.

Step 2: Mortgage Default

After missing the first mortgage payment, the homeowner is liable to be put into default. Most banks and lenders will declare a homeowner to have defaulted after 30 days of non-payment, but they could declare it immediately after the grace period of 15 days.

Once the homeowner is officially declared to have defaulted by the lender, the bank will choose if they want to proceed with a judicial or non-judicial foreclosure process on the property.

A judicial foreclosure is generally more complex and takes longer because the process takes place in Alabama’s court system because the mortgage agreement doesn’t have a “power of sale.” Meanwhile, a non-judicial foreclosure process gives the lender the power to foreclose a property without a court order. Most lenders opt to foreclose a property by utilizing the non-judicial foreclosure process.

Step 3: Foreclosure Lawsuit or Notice of Default

If the foreclosure is non-judicial, the homeowner will receive a Notice of Default (NOD) which states how much needs to be paid, including late fees, and foreclosure fees. The homeowner will be given 90 days to repay what they owe. This notice of default will usually be provided by the bank via certified mail or posted directly on the property.

After the notice of default is served, there is still time for the homeowner to negotiate with the lender. Sometimes homeowners can be successful in negotiating a refinance with the lender that can result in a lower monthly payment for the homeowner.

In judicial foreclosure, a foreclosure lawsuit is filed by the lender. The homeowner to the property must respond to this lawsuit immediately unless he wants the judge to grant a default judgment in favor of the lender. It is generally recommended the homeowner hires an attorney or legal professional when responding to a foreclosure lawsuit filed by the lender.

Once a response has been made by the borrower, the case would go to trial and the homeowner and lender can present their cases to the judge.

Step 4: Pre-Foreclosure Stage

Pre-foreclosure is the time that laps between when the Notice of Default is posted or served and when the homeowner’s house goes up for foreclosure auction.

During the pre-foreclosure period, the homeowner can pay what is owed on the property or negotiate with the lender a possible mortgage modification or special payment plan to avoid foreclosure of the property.

If the homeowner doesn’t have enough money to pay or the lender is unwilling to negotiate, a good alternative is selling the property. In fact, selling the house during this period of pre-foreclosure is highly recommended.

Step 5: Notice of Sale

When the property owner fails to pay what is owed during the pre-foreclosure process and no agreement is made between the lender and homeowner around restructuring the loan to make it more affordable to the homeowner, the lender will publish a Notice of Sale in the local paper or other circulated form of local news. The foreclosure auction is usually 30 days after the Notice of Sale circulates.

The homeowner can still sell the property during this period, but obviously, it would have to sell fast to avoid the lender selling it at a foreclosure auction.

Step 6: Eviction and Losing the House

The homeowner will be issued an eviction notice to vacate the house once it has been foreclosed as they no longer have legal rights to occupy the property. Usually, the eviction notice gives all occupants of the premise 30 calendar days to vacate or else a county deputy or sheriff will physically escort the homeowners from the house and remove all of their belongings from the property.

Options For Selling My House Fast Before Foreclosure in Alabama

Let’s take a look at a few ways you can sell before foreclosure. The speed at which you need to sell your property will likely determine the method you use for selling your property before foreclosure.

Hire A Real Estate Agent

The first step most folks think of when selling a home or property is to reach out to a local real estate agent. However, there are pros and cons to this selling option especially when you are in a difficult situation such as foreclosure of your property. It is true that a good real estate agent can sell a house in foreclosure on the MLS (Zillow, Redfin,, etc…) and help you get it ready for open houses and daily showings, but they do all of this work so that after selling your house a large chunk of your proceeds from the sale of your property go to them in the form of the agent’s commission. When you’re already suffering from a mountain of debt and need every penny to pay back to your lender, a commission of 3% to 6% when selling your house may put you in a position where you can’t pay your lender back fully or even purchase other necessary items you really need.

When you hire a real estate agent to sell your house, there is also the uncertainty of not knowing when your home will actually sell. Realtors are known for over promising on their capabilities, but at the end of the day YOU are the one being impacted and should consider carefully if selling with a realtor will fit your timeline in a foreclosure situation. Even if a realtor finds a buyer for your home, some loan types such as FHA and USDA require very robust inspections on the house and can take months to sell. When selling your home with an agent, It’s possible to get all the way to the end of a long contractual period and then the buyer can get cold feet and decide to back out of the sale last minute. This could put you into a very difficult situation financially especially if you have a house in foreclosure.

Short Sale

If you owe more on your property than it’s worth, your realtor you hire to sell your house may suggest what is called a short sale. A short sale is necessary when you owe more on the house than the property is currently worth. For example: if you owe $200,000 on your home but in the current market and in it’s current condition it’s only worth $150,000, you must deal with a short sale. This might sound simple solution to selling your house to avoid foreclosure in Alabama, but it is not and can put you in a tricky financial situation.

If you decide to sell your house using the short sale method, you’ll first need to get the lender’s approval. To qualify for a short sale, you must prove financial hardship using documentation such as W-2s, medical bills, etc. A lender will scrutinize all of this information and will ask you many questions and also ask for supporting documentation to all files you provide. For a situation such as loss of income, a lender will require that you prove that the loss of income is long-term and not likely to turn around for the positive. If your lender approves of you selling the property by short sale, you’ll need to find a good real estate agent and attorney that specialize in short sales to help you sell your house. Unfortunately, since you need a niche real estate agent and attorney to help you sell your property, it will likely cost you even more in fees then if you were selling your house via a traditional home sale.

If you have a house in foreclosure that hasn’t dragged on for too long and you’ve maintained good contact with your lender, it’s likely that they will approve the short sale. This allows them to avoid the time and expense of trying to foreclose on your property, while still recouping some of the loss from the missed mortgage payments. But for a homeowner, a short sale will sadly follow them for the next 5 to 7 years.

This is because it will be listed on a homeowner’s credit profile (and the credit profile of anyone else who originally signed on the loan or was involved with the short sale as a non-performing party). Having a short sale on your record makes it very difficult to get another mortgage as most banks will have lost trust in your ability to make timely payments. Also, having this on your record can hurt your ability for credit card approval or even the ability to rent a home or purchase a car that you might really need. Short sales can hurt your ability to enjoy the next few years of your life to the fullest.

Avoid Foreclosure by Selling AS-IS to a Cash Home Buyer In Alabama

If you don’t have much time to sell your house before a foreclosure progresses to auction and eviction, you do have options that can really benefit your financial situation! You can try to sell your property with a real estate agent, work with your lender to complete a short sale, or – best of all – turn to a trusted and local cash home buyer to help you with your situation.

Here are some benefits of selling directly to a cash investor:

  • Sell fast, hassle-free, and for cash.
  • No selling commissions or realtor fees.
  • You don’t have to worry about marketing and waiting for a buyer.
  • No need to clean-up or complete any repairs to our home!
  • Maintain a clean credit profile on your personal financial record
  • Continue on with your life in stress free!

When you sell your home as-is to a direct cash buyer, you not only can avoid losing your home to an foreclosure, but you also may be able to sell the property for enough money to get out of financial debt and put some cash in your pocket! Moving on with your life without the burden of a monthly mortgage payment, debt hanging over your, and a clean credit profile is one of the best gifts you can give yourself in this situation!

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How to Stop Foreclosure in Alabama

Pay Off Your Loan & Fees

Suppose you’ve found yourself in a difficult situation. Debt is adding up while your income remains the same or has decreased recently. You want to get serious about paying down or paying off your debt and really start to enjoy this short life we’ve been given and moments with your family and friends. It is possible you have possessions you can sell fast for cash or maybe you have friends/family that can gift or lend you cash until you get back on track. If you are serious about paying down your debt and stopping foreclosure, it may also be a good idea to hire a professional financial advisor to help you restructure your budget and propose new avenues for creating more income. There are several options for reducing personal expenditures or increasing personal income that you can take advantage of.

Declare Bankruptcy

As a last resort, bankruptcy may help you stop your house in foreclosure but it can be costly and generally not a route many folks take when selling their house to avoid foreclosure. The bankruptcy process is complex and a lot of legal discussion is required which in turn, will then require you to hire a lawyer that specializes in bankruptcy law. If the court approves your petition, you will be entered into a government-approved credit counseling program and the bankruptcy will be reported on your credit report for 7 years. A bankruptcy affects all areas of your life, including when you try to purchase a car, apply for a credit card or bank account, and can even disqualify you from renting a home.

The Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan (HASP) 

If your debt is higher than your income, you may be eligible for the Homeowner Affordability & Stability Plan (HASP). HASP is a loan modification program targeted at borrowers who are at risk of foreclosure due to insufficient income. This government program was designed to help homeowners restructure their monthly payments to fit a limited budget. Apply for the program here to see if you qualify.

Sell Your House Fast to a Cash Home Buyer In Alabama

Sell My Home While In Foreclosure

Are you ready to sell your house fast for cash but don’t have the time to wait 30+ days for a traditional close? Does a short sale seem like a fast way to ruin your credit? Prefer to pay off all your debt at once and get the bank off your back fast? North Alabama House Buyer is a professional home buying company that specializes in buying homes in all these situations for cash! Our company allows you to skip the lengthy process of foreclosure, eviction, and auction within a matter of days, and save your credit as well!

You may not get full market value for your home or property when you sell to us, but the timeliness of a fast closing, and the lack of fees, required inspections, and selling commissions often balance this out at close. Best of all, because we can close fast, you can often sell before the bank is able to auction off your property! This means you can sell the property for the amount that benefits you versus the pennies to the dollar price the bank will often try to sell your house for just to get it off the books.

We Buy Houses in Foreclosure & Pre-foreclosure – Get Your Fair Cash Offer Today!

Does the idea of finally walking away from a property without the storm cloud of foreclosure hanging over your head appeal to you? As a local cash home buyer, North Alabama House Buyer would love to have the opportunity to assist you and help you in any situation you may be facing. Just fill out the form below to contact us and see what options we can provide you in your situation!

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How To Sell a House In Foreclosure Alabama

If you have a house in foreclosure and need to sell your home fast, as-is, and for cash to avoid legal disputes with banks, damage to your credit, or simply unnecessary stress in your life, North Alabama House Buyer would be glad to work with you to ensure the best possible outcome from the situation you are facing. Foreclosure can be messy, stressful, and unpleasant. Our company has worked with many folks going through foreclosure over the past several years to help them get through the bad situation fast and professionally. If you have a house in foreclosure, we would appreciate the opportunity to help you through the situation.

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